ool Outfit Ideas to Wear a Denim Shirt

When counting some classic wardrobe staples, a denim shirt stands out. What? You don’t have one? Well it’s time to add this timeless piece and make the most out of it. They go with almost everything. Yup, they do, totally.

With a cute skirt? Yes. With a floral pant? Yes. With a solid denim? Yes. With a dress? Yes. With cargo pants? Yes. With funky shorts? Yes.

So as you can see, there’s hardly any chance of making a fashion faux pas when wearing this magical piece of clothing.

To make this a wee bit easier for you, and to give you some style inspiration, we have enlisted some cool outfit ideas to wear a denim shirt.

Idea #1: With a SKIRT
denim shirt with black skirt

A denim shirt looks very cute with skirts. It’s fun, flirty, and casual. It’s perfect for a day out or a movie outing. You can wear it with a fitted formal skirt to work or a floral one for a day out. To make the look work for a party, use a statement accessory. You can also add some jazz with

New York Fashion Week Recap Day Seven

1. New Day at DKNY

J.Crew Spring 2016 at New York fashion week.

It was nice to see Donna Karan in the front row at DKNY, creating a smooth handoff in one of the more unexpected—but well-considered—designer transitions in recent memory. Public School’s Maxwell Oxborne and Dao-Yi Chow showed their first collection for the LVMH -owned label at the new World Trade Center, in a long hall reachable through the PATH transit station. Invitations studiously avoided mentioning PATH, instead suggesting we were getting a preview of a future retail center.

The DKNY collection is great news for fans of Public School’s edgy tailoring —a style that helped launch that fledgling brand, though it has since trended more toward hoodies and streetwear. The return to street-tailoring sets the brand apart from the pack, and the excellent proportions mixing men’s pinstriped suiting fabrics with poplin shirting should be a first stop for women in the office with a streak of creative rebellion. —Christina Binkley

2. Nice and Yeezy

Highlights from Day Eight of New York Fashion Week


1. Ziegfeld’s Folly

Marc Jacobs was in a generous mood at his show at the Ziegfeld Theater on 54th Street, as he closed out New York fashion week by handing out popcorn, sodas, T-shirts, and even his scent Decadence. What a way to put guests in a happy mood.
A model presents a creation by Marc Jacobs ENLARGE
A model presents a creation by Marc Jacobs Photo: joshua lott/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

It was obvious, when a long red carpet greeted people as they arrived, that this master of shenanigans was up to something. On the Ziegfeld stage was a live brass band; cigarette girls handed out candy.

At show time, the stage became a full screen showing video, Letterman-style, as each model walked along the red carpet, made her way through the hallways and finally entered the theater. So fun!

The collection will be fun for lovers of ’50s-style letter jackets and glitz. All those hyped-up glitter gowns and oversize denim looks beg the question, though, of what will wind up in stores come spring. Surely not the bulky American flag top with fringe. It’s worth betting

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Being a woman is itself a very difficult task as she has loads of things to do for family, loads of roles to play of a daughter, mother, sister, wife, and the most challenging one is being a daughter-in-law. If we talk about the traditional relationship of a mother in law and a daughter in law, a cold war was always prevalent among them. The normal issues for the wars were the household chore responsibilities, family issues,  dowry etc. But has that cold war come to an end with modern times? I don’t feel so, the things are still the same with a little difference of the situations and the patience level. My story and relationship with my MIL are altogether different.


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Get the Best Perfection for Your Appearance

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The other thing related to the physical look is the outfits that you should wear for your daily look. If you want to have the perfect look of your appearance, you can choose such as non iron dress shirts. This kind of dress will be so elegant and perfect if you wear it for your appearance. Besides, you will have the wonderful appearance when you wear it to a special occasion such as in a party. Are you interested? You simply need to visit the site of Garrffshirts for the further information. You can find out many kinds of good dresses for your own choice. Besides, you can

A Delicious, Indonesian Style Chicken Curry

Indonesia has a rich source of spices. This rich natural resource makes Indonesian culinary usually dominated with a combination of rich spices. One of the most popular dishes of Indonesia with a great amount of dishes is chicken curry. indonesian chicken curry is a must-try food when you visit this archipelago. However, if it costs you too much to taste the original chicken curry in Indonesia, you can now make your own from the comfort of your kitchen. This recipe makes 4 servings of Indonesian style chicken curry.


– 1 tbsp. of coriander seed
– ½ tsp. of crushed red chili pepper flakes
– 2 chopped garlic cloves
– 1 chopped onion
– 1 thinly sliced ginger
– 3 tbsp. of peanut oil
– 5 kaffir lime leaves
– 5 sticks cinnamon
– 1 stalk lemon grass
– 1 ½ chicken legs and thighs
– 3 cups of coconut milk
– 1 tsp. of salt

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Grind the chili flakes and the coriander. Put the mixture in a food processor with the onions, garlic, puree, and ginger. Add some water.
  2. Heat the cooking oil on the pan at medium heat.
  3. Add the

Top Fashion Designers for Women Wardrobe in Shahpur Jat

20Shahpur Jat is one of the best places for shopping for women. The boutique stores in the area have a wonderful collection of some of the best apparel in Delhi. You are bound to find the most stylish and trendiest clothes in this place. The place is filled with a number of stores and boutiques housing a collection of clothes ranging from eastern and western collections. When you visit the place, you can be assured that you will find clothes to match your liking and requirement.

Benefits of shopping at Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat is one of the best places to shop as it houses a number of stores, which have a collection of different types of clothes. You do not need to spend time in traveling from one corner of the city to another to visit shops having different collections. You will get all the types of clothes you may be looking for in this one area. The other benefit of this place is that though it stores designer boutiques yet, you will feel only

Why do grotesque fashion ads lure consumers?

Women’s fashion magazines are chock full of ads, some featuring bizarre and grotesque images. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, these ads are effective at grabbing consumers’ attention.

The study lists the following examples from fashion magazines like Vogue: a Jimmy Choo ad depicting a woman fishing a purse out of a pool that contains a floating corpse of man, and a Dolce & Gabbana ad that features one beautiful woman in period costume skewering another in the neck.

“Why do we see such bizarre imagery in ads for clothing that cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars?” ask authors Barbara J. Phillips (University of Saskatchewan) and Edward F. McQuarrie (Santa Clara University). The researchers interviewed 18 women who regularly read fashion magazines to examine their reactions to macabre ads.

They found that in addition to expected modes of engagement with ads, some women approached fashion advertisement as a type of fiction. “These women would be transported into the story world set in motion by the ad’s pictures, asking themselves, ‘What is happening here?’ and ‘What will happen next?'” the authors write.

Still others sought out imagery that could be approached like a painting in

Few Things Related to Fashion…Indian Fashion… and Fashion Sense!

I feel sorry for them. Reason – they’re trying and when you try, it shows. These guys and girls seem to buy from all the Big Brands and put all the stuff on their body at the same time. Just imagine, how would they look like? Bizarre is the word that comes to my mind and my mouth.

Fashion Sense is Common Sense

Fashion is not that tough to understand and imbibe. It’s all about knowing what suits you and what not. It’s all about wearing what makes you look good. It’s that simple common sense that what looks good on Kareena Kapoor may not look good on you. Be a trend-setter and not a mindless follower.

Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion is not a new thing to India and its inhabitants. It’s been here since the ages of Mohanjodaro and Hadappan Civilisation. Globalization, thought, brought some new developments and some new trends. Look at the recent Fashion Trends for Men and you know what I’m talking about. We’re changing and we’re changing (read it ‘developing’) for a good reason.

Looking to the West

There is no harm in this. Good things are always welcome. However, we, in India, have all the talent and craftsmen, so

Learn to Recycle Your Fashion

fashion in your life can be quite costly. Especially nowadays, trends just keep on popping out from everywhere like wild mushrooms. When one trend sprouts, another dies, thus, what you bought three months ago may already be unfashionable. That’s how quickly your fashion assets become expenses. It helps to read a couple of false eyelashes reviews just to get up to speed with fashion.

One thing that is a common problem of people, particularly women, is waking up and having trouble choosing what to wear. They would say that they have nothing to put on when in fact, their closet overflows with different types of clothing and accessories. But worry no more because with the use of your creativity, your old clothes may turn into a new one.

Have you ever thought about wearing something out of recycled materials? It might seem a bit silly and you may think it is cheap, but in reality, this can be beneficial both to you and your environment. Here are some things that you can make out of your old fashion wears.

Statement T-shirts. Tees with big, bold letters printed on it never really gets old. One thing you can do with your old t-shirt is

Fixing Out Your Plus Size Set of Clothing

If you have not cleaned away your wardrobe in a while, so it is most likely the time to do this. I try to fix my plus size set of clothing a couple times a year. You may outgrow clothes or even the clothes may simply just be way to avoid it of fashion and you will not need all of them any more.

Although, cleaning your plus size clothing could be a little bit complicated especially if you do not need to get rid of. Thus, I’ve made some recommendations down below that will help fix out all your your personal plus size set of clothing.

To begin with, reduce outfits that are so small or perhaps so baggy. We all have actually those “one day” clothing and they’re simply picking out room within our closets putting us not to have adequate clothes that fit all of us at this point. Clothing that are overly baggy just put extra baggage to your body while wearing them, that is not what you need when you are aiming to accomplish a slimmer appearance.

If you happen to become a size 20, then simply continue to keep dresses which are size 18 but get rid

Fixing Out Your Plus Size Set of Clothing

If you have not cleaned away your wardrobe in a while, so it is most likely the time to do this. I try to fix my plus size set of clothing a couple times a year. You may outgrow clothes or even the clothes may simply just be way to avoid it of fashion and you will not need all of them any more.

Although, cleaning your plus size clothing could be a little bit complicated especially if you do not need to get rid of. Thus, I’ve made some recommendations down below that will help fix out all your your personal plus size set of clothing.

To begin with, reduce outfits that are so small or perhaps so baggy. We all have actually those “one day” clothing and they’re simply picking out room within our closets putting us not to have adequate clothes that fit all of us at this point. Clothing that are overly baggy just put extra baggage to your body while wearing them, that is not what you need when you are aiming to accomplish a slimmer appearance.

If you happen to become a size 20, then simply continue to keep dresses which are size 18 but get rid

How To Buy Clothing Tags

For preventing theft in your shops, you can have clothing security tags attached to the clothes. These can be bought in bulk from many online stores that have some attractive decorative holograms, hang tags, stickers, metal labels, hot stamp holograms and so on. Along with the best quality, top security is also afforded by using these tags on the clothes. Some of the clothing security tags have pressurized ink packets which can explode when you try to remove the device. This gives great security to the clothing and the manufacturer or retailer as they raise an alarm if tampered with.

You can also make bulk purchases of clothing tag gun to be used in the retail and apparel industry as well as the packaging industry. You can use this tagging gun for attaching the price tag or the clothing tags on the fabric. These tag guns have many sharp needles which make it easy to place the tag on the cloth.

Some of you might be looking for personalized clothing tags for your school labels, and so on. Your children never need to lose their belongings ever again. You can have the best quality and style of such tags in a fantastic

Try On These Clothing Storage Tips

Funny, I don’t recall that sweater being monogrammed. That’s what I thought last fall when I unpacked a box of cold-weather clothing that I’d stowed away in the attic the previous spring.  Sure enough, my favorite blue sweater wasn’t monogrammed, though moths had done a pretty good job of carving out something that looked like my initials.

Improperly storing clothing between seasons can actually be tougher on garments than daily wear and tear. And since the average American household spends about $1,700 per year on apparel and related clothing services, according to the 2012 Consumer Expenditure Survey, it pays to keep your expensive duds in mint condition as you pack away your summer wardrobe to make room in the closet for your winter wear.

Consider these tips:

  • Launder First: Always wash and thoroughly dry clothing before placing it in storage. For that final washing of the season, be sure to add one-half cup of baking soda to the wash cycle to help the detergent break up lingering bacteria cells in the fabric. Check out this video for more thrifty laundering tips.
  •  Location, Location, Location: Ideally, store clothing in a dry, cool and dark location. Most attics and garages tend to get way too hot during the summer, and

Socioeconomic factors fashion trends linked to increase in melanoma

A century’s worth of cultural and historical forces have contributed to the rise in the incidence of melanoma, including changes in fashion and clothing design, according to an intriguing, retrospective research study conducted by investigators in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Their findings are the subject of a report, “More Skin, More Sun, More Tan, More Melanoma,” in the October 6, 2014 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

The authors surmised that early diagnosis and improved reporting practices do not fully account for the steady rise in cases of melanoma. They set out to explore extenuating factors that may also have contributed to the increase in reported cases in the U.S.

Led by David Polsky, MD, PhD, Alfred W. Kopf, MD Professor of Dermatologic Oncology in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at NYU Langone, they looked into the transformative effect of socioeconomic trends dating from the1900’s. They analyzed clothing styles, social norms, medical paradigms, perceptions of tanned skin, economic trends and travel patterns.

For comparisons between periods, they estimated percentage of exposed areas of the body. For example, early in the 20th century people donned clothing that almost totally concealed

Roman Originals co-founder Peter Christodoulou on how viral image left company sitting pretty

Blue and black or white and gold? That was the question on everyone’s lips in February this year when a photograph of a dress manufactured by the British company Roman Originals went viral, sending internet users across the globe into meltdown.

“We woke up one morning and had the world and the media coming down upon us,” Roman Originals co-founder, Peter Christodoulou, told i. In one week more than 10 million tweets referencing what had become known as “The Dress” (or “#Dressgate”) had been posted.

“It exposed Roman, the brand, to the whole world,” said Mr Christodoulou, 56, from Lichfield, near Birmingham. “We were really happy. It was such a buzz for all of our staff.”

Originally Mr Christodoulou had hoped to sell around 200 of the lace-detail body-con dress per week. But it flew off the rails and, in just a week and a half, 3,000 had been snapped up.

The dress as it appears on the company’s website

While the photograph of The Dress proved exceptionally divisive – even staff at Roman Originals head office were at loggerheads – in other images, the dress is clearly blue and black, and it was billed as such on the Roman Originals

Fendi, MaxMara and PucciFashion The best dressed men are going greenin all shades this season

Inspiration in fashion is an odd, malleable thing. I frequently think that if a designer’s collection is good, I shouldn’t need to paw through show notes or rush backstage and desperately gouge a quote out of them. I should look at it, get it, and move onto the next. Even the most complex and complicated designers generally evoke a visceral reaction: of love it or hate it, first of all; then a feeling for what the show was trying to get at.

Some – like Miuccia Prada – try to dig deeper that mere surface. “The sophisticated person looks at everything,” she once said to me. “Someone who is superficial gets only the façade.” She was talking about consumers, but could have been chiding her fellow designers. She’s one of the few in the world qualified to do so.

Maxmara spring/summer 2016

Milan’s spring/summer 2016 shows have, generally, been floating on the surface when it comes to inspiration. MaxMara, for instance, whose models less walked a catwalk than a gangplank, in front of a rear projection of bobbing water behind portholes, to a soundtrack of gruff, horn piping sea shanties. Three guesses on the inspiration? Yep. A load of

How to Layer Clothes Stylishly

The harsh cold winter often makes one wonder about dressing stylishly. As short and light dressy clothes are packed into a hibernation, the very question of dressing well only gets tougher. Wearing full and layered clothing is the need of the hour in winters, and not just a seasonal fashion requirement. However, this too can be done stylish, maintaining every shape and curve.

This cold weather warrants a change of perspective towards our wardrobes and sense of fashion and style. To all of those wondering how to layer clothes stylish, we present six looks to sport this season. These looks have been hand-picked and well thought over to make you look slender, sexy, and elegant despite the layers you may add to your body.

Layering Clothes Stylishly

Layering with denims
The classic combination of blue denims with white shirt works well for every weather. So, let us begin with same. Pair your well-fitting denims with a simple white full-sleeve shirt. Now, wear a white polo neck sweater, which is a bit shorter than the shirt, on top. Try to show every layer of your clothing to highlight your slender definition. Next, wear the much-needed white overcoat and matching white furry boots. To break

Trendy Ways to Wear Denim

Trendy, refined, and ever so popular, denim is the go-to style for many. Whether you wish to pull off a cool, casual style, or are looking to achieve a fashion-forward appearance, you can be sure to lean towards denim. And if you think that denim is nothing but a basic piece, you are far from knowing the truth. With countless designers, celebrities, and models looking to outdo one another, denim is a concept that no one can move away from.

But we’re not going to ask you to spend your life’s savings on adapting these trends. What we are providing are ideas, tips, and tricks to incorporate the latest denim trends into your everyday lifestyle.

Denim Fashion for Women

Women’s fashion has come a long way, but one thing that’s always been constant is denim. From celebrities to common woman, denim can easily make an appearance without being blown out of proportion. Depending on the occasion, you can easily select a style that can showcase your personality. Being comfortable in what you wear should be your top priority. Only then you can work the trend, without making it seem forced. And as for helping you out with what works right now, we have

Excellent Ideas for Casual Chic Clothing

If the dress code puzzles you, …

discuss with friends to get a better idea.
explore online to replicate celebrity styles.
consider the venue and time of day to finalize the outfit.

With all the fancy dress code terms out there, it is easy to get intimidated when someone says “casual chic”, and you have no idea what they’re talking about. Simply put, a casual chic outfit is nothing more than combining your everyday clothes with a few fashionable elements.

The goal is to appear classy and sophisticated, and feel comfortable and confident. And with that attitude in mind, given below are outfit ideas for women and men that we hope will inspire you to dress up for different occasions.

Casual Chic Outfits for Women

As we explained before, the dress code refers to combining your everyday clothes like jeans, khaki pants, skirts, shorts, T-shirts, and tops, with chic, tailored clothing items. Now, depending on where you’re headed for the day, choose your outfit appropriately (and more importantly, something from the suggestions we have provided below.

Business Casual Chic

A lot of people are under the impression that since we’re talking about a ‘business’ dress code, the word ‘casual’ cannot be included with it. Au contraire, mon

Tips to Wear Your Khaki Pants the Stylish Way

Having said that, the current trend may call for various pockets to be placed on your pants, but if you’re on the heavier side, or have extra pounds on your waistline or a belly bulge, dump the tight fits. Gone are the days when khakis were those loose, baggy pants. The new khakis are a fashion statement with a straight fit. Tight fits and chinos are in and available in plenty.

These pants can not only make a part of your summer collection but also of the winter one as they are light weight outfits. Khakis come in different colors, brown and beige being the most common ones, but latest trend has them in the hues of tan, green, cream, and gray. True khaki is made from cotton, but these days, it is available in corduroy fabric too. Khakis with 4 pockets are perfect, so don’t unnecessarily pack yourself in a 10-pocket pant!

If you’re new to wearing khakis, the safest bet is to pair your tan pants with white shirts or tops. If you choose the pleated pant which tapers from the thigh to the bottom, give a casual touch to it by adding a white flowy top or a laced

25 Black Outfits that are Nothing but Classic

The word ‘trendy’ doesn’t even begin to describe how we women feel about black-on-black outfits. It’s sharp, seems effortless, looks flattering on almost anyone who dares to wear it, and has always been a fail-safe, go-to style for many occasions. Standing the test of time, perfecting this style requires a few ground rules:

Understand how different types of fabrics and textures affect your overall look.
Yes, black is slimming. However, your clothes should also fit you properly.
Black outfits work wonders during winters, but if you’d like to wear them during summers, opt for silk, cotton, and linen pieces.
Accessories play a huge role in ‘completing’ any outfit. For your black ensemble, don’t hestitate to pair it with bold and colorful accessories.

And on that note, we want to show you 25 fashionable and cute all-black outfits that you can wear on various occasions.

1. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress with Black Accessories

One of the most iconic fashion designers, Coco Chanel, invented the Little Black Dress and wore all-black dresses adorned with long pearl necklaces. The trend which was invented in the ’20s is still alive and popular among women across the globe. You too can embrace this style for either a cocktail